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• Medical Locum Work Australia is one of the leading medical recruitment agencies in Australia. Started in 1998 we are one of the few doctor led medical recruitment agencies ensuring that we have a unique understanding of client and candidate requirements. Since we are not only specialists in the field of locum recruitment, but also have experience in the health care industry we are able to assess the requirements and needs of clients and candidates more accurately.

Medical Locum Work Australia

The combined years of medical recruitment experience that our team brings to the table make it possible to address and solve any medical staffing issues that a client may have.

We offer some of the best pay rates in the market and our candidates will benefit from the assistance of our highly trained team of medical consultants who have an in depth knowledge and vast experience.

• Medical Locum Work Australia is a well established and constantly evolving agencies committed to working closely with clients to provide them with the best locum recruitment solution available. Equally, we believe that Work as a GP or Hospital Locum, Australia building strong relationships with our candidates is of paramount importance in continuously achieving this objective allowing us to simultaneously tailor our work around the individual needs.

• We are a leading provider of doctors throughout Australia, and currently hold numerous exclusive locum jobs to which other locum agencies do not have access.

• Don’t let the opportunity pass to make a positive career move. Join Us now.


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We are experts in recruiting doctors, allied health professionals and locums, both locally and internationally.

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Medical Locum Work Australia come up trumps every time and never fail to secure me work when I want it.

DR. Sebastian Jones